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Midcourse Improvement Policy Document

The institution has a robust policy for the improvement of students. There is timely administration of internal examinations as per the university guidelines. After every internal examination the result is evaluated and the students are assessed as per the criteria established for slow learners and advanced learners. After the examination results those students who are willing to make improvements due to their poor performances or those students who weren’t able to attend their internal examinations are given a chance for improvement exam which emphasizes on the student’s performances. The students are then monitored for their progress.

Mechanism for Internal Examination

All the internal assessments and examinations are conducted as per theDCI norms. Minimum of 3 internal assessment examinations are conducted before finalizing the final internal assessment marks. The topics for the examinations should be notified to the students 1 month in advance & documented. Any of the teaching staff can be called for invigilation their duties and the responsibilities given by the examination wing. The evaluations and preparation of marks list is completed within 2 weeks from the last day of examinations in the respective departments. All the answers for the questions internal assessment tests in theory is discussed with the students after the examinations, during the following week. The valued answer booklets of internal assessments are given to the students for verification and rectifications of errors if any. The performances of the students should are discussed in the departmental meetings and the needed actions to be taken to improve the performance of students ae discussed with faculty. Underperformers list is prepared and sent to the Principal and Student welfare committee to inform the parents. The slowlearners are counseled by the Departmental staff and necessary referral to counselors is given if deemed necessary after discussion with mentor of the student. Remedial program or activities are prepared for improving the performance of the slowperformers. The activities are analyzed for their effectiveness.