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Code Of Conduct

Codes of conduct

Codes of conduct are the List of rules and regulations to be followed within the Institution. These are applicable for the staffs, students and employees of the institution.

Code of conduct for students:
  • All students should adhere to strict discipline within the college campus during their period of study.
  • Students should work with best interest in patients and well-being of the community.
  • All students should strictly adherence to professional ethics.
  • Students should maintain decorum of the institution within campus during their period of study.
  • All documentations of their theory, pre-clinical and clinical works should be completed in stipulated time of academic calendar.
  • Any in-disciplinary actions will be scrutinized strictly.
  • No act of violation of law such as weapon handling, man handling, etc will be allowed within the campus.
  • Students should not use mobile phones during their offline theory classes and during pre-clinical and clinical postings.
  • Regular attendance percentage is encouraged and no act of taking leave without prior permission or intimation to concerned faculties will be entertained.
  • Student will be allowed to appear for university examinations if and only if he/she fulfills the attendance percentage and no lenience will be granted on this issue. Absence due to medical concerns needs to be addressed to the head of institution and concerned head of department with supporting documents.
  • Students should have their own instruments during their pre-clinical hours. They should make sure strict sterilization of their instruments before operating on a patient in clinical hours.
  • Students should treat patients with humanity, humbleness and provide the right possible treatment ethically.
  • Students should dispose the biomedical waste generated during clinical postings in the concerned color coded bins. Should behave modestly and should not use unparliamentary language with patients.
  • Students should appear for their internal examinations without fail.
  • Ragging in any form of act is
Dress code: all students should wear white coat during their pre-clinical and clinical hours.
  • Male students should wear formal attire as tucked in shirt and pant. Should wear formal shoes and no T-shirts or Jeans are allowed.
  • Female students should wear modest dress. Their hair should be tied up and should not hinder during clinical hours. No jeans, T-shirts will be allowed.
Code of conduct for staffs:
  • All staffs must dress in a modest way during college working hours.
  • Should be responsible and should support for the orchestration and productivity of institutional activities.
  • Should perform their duties within their limits with consistently with diligence.
  • No teaching staff should discriminate students based on their caste, creed or colour, gender etc and should have no partiality.
  • Staffs should apply for leave beforehand. If not should intimate the concerned HOD and Principal on the day of leave before commencement of college and alternate arrangements should be made.
  • During classroom teaching staff should have high standards of teaching, use all technical aids to teach the subject to students. They should make sure they listen to the classes taken and they understand the subject.
  • During pre-clinical and clinical hours, teaching staff should make sure students improve on their dexterity, patient management and clinical skills.
  • Teaching faculty must make sure that students follow professional ethics.