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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

The Institution ensures implementation of its stated Code of Ethics for Research. The implementation of the stated Code of ethics for research is ensured by:

There is an Institutional Ethics Committee that oversees implementation of all research projects Yes
All research projects including student projects are subjected to institutional ethics committee clearance Yes
The institution has plagiarism check software based on the institutional policy No
Norms and guidelines for research ethics and publication guidelines are followed Yes
Code of ethics of research:

In an era where it is ‘Publish - or- Perish’, Mahe Institute of Dental Sciences strives hard to adhere to every aspect of research ethics. Right from the inception of the topic of interest, we focus on providing maximum benefits to the participants involved. We provide a non competitive environment for the young researchers as well , by sticking to certain precautions. We ensure that the participant has all of the information regarding the study, that might reasonably influence their willingness to participate in a form that they can understand and comprehend.

Our Patient Information Sheet, discuss the following :

  • Participants' rights to decline to participate and to withdraw from the research once it has started, as well as the anticipated consequences of doing so.
  • Reasonably foreseeable factors that may influence their willingness to participate, such as potential risks, discomfort or adverse effects.
  • Any research benefits.
  • Limits of confidentiality and when confidentiality must be broken.
  • Who participants can contact with questions.

Other than the above, we encourage the students to discuss the intellectual property frankly with their guides, thus ensuring each and every one involved in the study gets adequate information as well as reflecting on the fact that - authorship relies on contribution. Gift authorship is discouraged by any means at our institution.

By encouraging the researcher to honestly report the data, results, methods and procedures, and publication status we aim to bring out world class research materials. The experts/guides take special care to not allow any fabrication, falsification or misinterpretation of any data. Mahe Institute of Dental Sciences put forth in its agenda of research ethics - not to deceive one's own colleagues, research sponsors, or the public.

Our team of experts in the research area strive and help the students to avoid bias in experimental design, data analysis, data interpretation, peer review and personnel decisions. They also keep a check for avoiding or minimizing self-deception, disclosing personal or financial interests that may affect research etc. There is significant emphasis given for each proposal in every department. The guides scrutinize the work carefully and at every stage it is critically examined by the principal investigator and the peers. We emphasize on the need of keeping good records of research activities, such as data collection, research design, and correspondence with journals. Through out the journey at the college, a student/ researcher learns to respect their colleagues, treat them fairly, and be open to criticism and new ideas.

Institutional ethics Committee:

The Institutional ethics Committee is responsible for developing and monitoring policies and guidelines in proper conduction of research, publishing, possible violations and assisting in investigations of possible violations of code of ethics. Disciplinary Actions:

The Institutional ethics Committee of the college, with the following members will establish and take care of the issues and complaints regarding the plagiarism or any others and will submit the report after thorough investigation. The committee also recommends the disciplinary action be imposed within a period of 3 weeks from the day of complaint.

Members of Institutional ethics Committee at Mahe Institute of Dental Sciences:

Sl no: Designation Name Department
1 Chairman Dr. Babu Ravindran
2 Member Dr. Anil Melath
3 Convenor Mrs. Civi Ramesh
4 Member Dr. Antony Fernadez
5 Member Mr. Ramesh Parambath
6 Member Adv. OG Premajan
7 Member Mr. Santhosh
8 Member Dr. Bastian TS Oral Pathology
9 Member Dr. Vasanth Kumar Pharmacology
10 Member Dr. Seby J Gardens Public Health Dentistry
11 Member Dr. Selvamani Oral Pathology
12 Member Dr. Teenu Thomas Public Health Dentistry