About us

Born of a dream to rewrite the way the knowledge of dentistry is imparted, Mahe Institute of Dental Sciences, MINDS is an idea whose time has come. Adopting a holistic approach to the creation of thinking professionals, this educational institution offers every student a panoramic view of the future of dentistry. A future crowned with possibilities, opportunities and fulfillment.

Because of its holistic approach, the institution is confident of nurturing well-rounded individuals who are thinking human beings first and highly competent dentists later. With this assurance, MINDS invites students to come and take part in what could well be the most enriching and enjoyable 5 years of their lives.

MINDS is a part of the Mahe Educational and Charitable NRI Trust, founded by a group of like minded people hugely successful in their respective fields of expertise.

K. P. Ramesh Kumar

Dr. Saleem K. M. MBBS, DNB,Mch (Pead Surg.)
Executive Director

Dr. Anil Melath

Dr. Raj A. C.
Vice Principal


MINDS is affiliated to the Pondichery University. Consistently figuring among the top central universities in India, Pondichery University is a powerhouse of teaching and research. Under the guidance and support of this university, we believe that we will be able to achieve the objectives that we have set out to reach, education in dentistry with a fresh and extremely relevant outlook.

The university also has affiliated colleges located in Puducherry, Karaikal, Mahe, Yanam and Nicobar Islands. The vast jurisdiction over three Union Territories gives the university a national character.


Humanity and oral wellness is at the heart of our practice and our reason for being here. We go beyond the ordinary by giving our people a platform of holistic learning in a most open, competitive, stimulating and enriching environment that gives them the confidence to be the best they can. Ours will be a dental institution that MAKES A DIFFERENCE to lives of all our people: STUDENTS - by making them well rounded individuals, academically, professionally and spiritually. FACULTY - by giving them a strong research base that inspires new thinking and practices. SOCIETY - by serving through our practices and research breakthroughs. Our dream is to be the light of wisdom in dental education that nurtures and perpetuates a healthy and progressive atmosphere leading to an inspired future.